Let him sleep

img_2511This is not the best selfie. I haven’t showered. I have major eye allergies. My hair isn’t brushed. I could go on and on. I sent this to my friends & wrote “this is why I accomplish nothing”. I instantly got a check in my spirit. I need to stop saying that. My children are loved. I cuddle with them. I hold their hands. We snuggle. We kiss. We tickle. We laugh. (Sometimes I scream but that’s for another post). My point is, I am accomplishing a ton by allowing my 3 month old to nap in my arms.

Life happens way too fast. I can’t get these moments back again. I’m so impatient. I keep attempting to accomplish more than I’m supposed to in this season. This is not a call for laziness but to embrace exactly what I am called to do in this very moment. Be a mother. #momlife

2 thoughts on “Let him sleep”

  1. You’re wonderful. This is exactly what I needed as I take on a load way bigger than I can handle on my own. Thanks for the reminder of priority- especially when I can feel The Lord insistently telling me to just be a mom and a wife right now. You’re right, it’s just a season… a season that will go too quickly.


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