How to pray for your child(ren)

I would be lying if I said I spend hours in the prayer closet praying over my husband, children, ministry, family, house, anything! I just enjoy 5 minutes in the bathroom alone in this season of life. I think one thing that us Momma’s struggle with most is our time with Jesus. How do we have quiet time, prayer time, read the word, read biblical commentary, read something that is not on the elementary book list, etc? Obviously you wake up one hour before everyone else!!! I love that advice! Don’t you? (insert eye roll).

img_4653I will just be real. I am still waking up 1-3 times a night with an 11-month-old. More often than not I wake up and find a 2 year old has snuck into our bed. Sleep. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What is that? So now you want me to wake up an hour before? Yep, not happening. Am I the only one struggling?

I find that my prayer and meditation is often not scheduled. It’s in a random down moment. The purpose in those moments is to connect with your Savior. He knows I have four littles that are needing constant attention. The beautiful part of Christ is that He meets me where I am at. In my random moment. So in this beautifully chaotic season, how can you pray for your children?

  1. Pray that you will have wisdom in all moments of being their mother.
  2. Pray that your children will see Jesus in all that you do.
  3. Pray that your children will have a heart for others.
  4. Pray that your children will grow up to be the men and women of God that shake up the world for Him. This is my constant prayer.
  5. Pray that God’s peace and joy falls upon them.
  6. Pray that His protection will be with them in all times and all situations.
  7. Pray they will have eyes to see His goodness, ears to hear His Word, hearts to change a nation, and a mouth to boldly speak truth in love.

These are simple prayers that can be uttered at any of your random moments. Perhaps you will get a cluster of random moments to sit in your prayer closet and spend some serious time in the presence of your Father. I often pray for that too. “Jesus I need some time with you. Please grant me a moment where everyone naps simultaneously.” I find that when my well is running dry and I am reaching my whit’s end, a major Jesus moment arises. He knows what we need Mom!

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