Photos that POP

Fun fact… I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. Specifically, 9th grade photography club with disposable cameras. HA! I have been through numerous point and shoot cameras over the years and bought a 35mm SLR around 15ish years ago. All of those are long gone now. I was introduced to the Canon family several years back and haven’t looked back.

What in the world does this have to do with Jesus? OH SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! For me, photography is a creative outlet. Who makes us creative? Come on Momma! We serve the God of creation. The most magnificent artist EVER. Naturally we are gifted in creating. We are made in His image after all. Photography is also a release for this Momma. It gives me a moment to step out and focus on something that doesn’t involve diapers, boogers, etc. You get the point.

Alright, let’s get to the point. How can you help your photos pop? I have no idea what equipment you may be using, but these pointers are universal.

  1. Keep the background simple. I have included several examples of this. I am currently obsessed with a white background. The subject pops and the focus is on the person. 3A9A1660.jpg3A9A1598.jpg3A9A1575.jpg
  2. If you are able, blur out the background (technical term is depth of field). A shallow depth of field allows your focus to remain on the subject again. Here’s an example. 3A9A9681.jpg
  3. Find light! Light is your friend! Have the subject facing towards the light. Let the light shine on them! (don’t you love all the Jesus-light references. Ha!).
  4. Don’t go too crazy with colorful outfits. This is huge! Bright bold colors can cast a terrible reflection on the subjects face and body. Tone it down. 😉
  5. Have fun! Capture the fun and excitement of your children and hubby. There is nothing better than looking back and seeing smiles and laughter.

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