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Happy Birthday!

Oh My Goodness! It’s been a year since Jesus & Motherhood launched. A WHOLE YEAR!

  1. I have no idea where that year went?
  2. When I launched J&M, I had no idea what would happen?

I wish I could say that I had this great vision for the launch of Jesus and Motherhood and it was months of strategic planning. That is simply not the case. Two of my besties encouraged me for years to let people hear my voice. That in itself is laughable. I often drop these random truth bombs in conversation, but don’t remember what I said. No, I don’t suffer from short term memory loss, but I constantly pray that I would be a vessel for God. I pray that He would use me to speak truth in love; truth that would pierce the soul. I open myself to be used by God, so it’s really not important for me to remember exactly how that plays out. God never shares His glory.

I remember well the night one-year-ago. An acquaintance messaged me about potty training, I responded back and then something clicked in my brain: I need to share my voice. God has gifted me. He has called me. I should use what He’s equipped me with beyond my little circle. Within an hour I threw together a logo, found a domain name, created an instagram and facebook account, and said “let’s go”. The whole process went so fast, I don’t think I stopped to actually think about what commitment I was really making. In the past year, I have been reminded how much I enjoy writing. In August I made a commitment to publishing a blog once a week… welcome Tuesday Blog Day!

Over the past two months I feel a strong urging to invest more energy into Jesus & Motherhood. It’s an opportunity for me to share what God shares with me. Don’t let the title fool you. My heart is for marriage, motherhood, The Church, racial reconciliation in The Church, and so much more. I’ll keep sharing my heart as long as Jesus says “go”. Until then, I hope you’ll continue to do life with me.

Go find a cupcake and join me in celebrating! God is amazing! Even in my shortcomings and miserable failing moments, He is still God and still AWESOME! I’m pretty sure He likes to party with cupcakes too!

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