Who Am I

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest speaker at a local youth ministry. The whole process of being invited, engaging in sermon prep, and speaking was more about me than the students who endured my message. It was a sweet reminder of what God has called me to do. I haven’t forgotten that calling, I just haven’t engaged in it much in the past year. It was so good to be with students. It was so so so good to be with God.

img_8250My message was based around knowing your identity in Christ. Knowing who we are enables us to do what God has called us to do. It is the core of who we are as followers of Christ. In Exodus 3, we find Moses entering adulthood, seeing the oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt, killing an Egyptian taskmaster, running away, getting married, becoming a shepherd with his father-in-laws flock, and meeting God. That first encounter with God was miraculous. God presented himself to Moses in a burning bush. He quickly tells Moses who He is and gives him instructions to properly worship God. Immediately after, the text tells us that God speaks about how He has heard the cries of His people and wants to free them from their bondage in Egypt. He needs someone to help with this daunting task. He picks Moses.

Moses first response to God is “who am I”? He questions why God would choose him for such an important job. The core issue in this moment is that Moses has no concept of who He is as God’s chosen . What is his identity in God? Moses isn’t the only one missing out on this concept. I see it all the time. It plagues so many of us constantly. Do we know and accept who we are in Christ?

Friends, God sent His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. His shed blood means that we are forgiven. Those who accept the sacrifice of Christ and believe in His Lordship over their lives are In Christ. There are hundreds of scripture that speaks of who you are as a son or daughter of God. You are His beloved. You are more than conquerors. You are treasured. You are redeemed. You are righteous. You are a royal priesthood. You are His.

When you apply the list of Who You Are to your life, you realize that you have been equipped for any assignment that God gives you. Yes it often seems overwhelming, but you have the mind of Christ and power of the Holy Spirit to complete your mission. I recently heard Andrew Scott say, “You are not called for the purpose of God. You are made for the purpose of God.”

Moses was made for the purpose of God. You are made for the purpose of God. Believe that. Write it on your heart. Immediately after Moses rebuttal of God’s assignment, God told Moses, “I will be with you”. It doesn’t matter what Moses’ history was before, God was with him. It certainly doesn’t matter what your history is either, God is with you. Beloved, you are His chosen. He is with you and ready to lead you into the greatness of His purpose. Trust Him and enjoy the journey.

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