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Exciting News!

Tuesday Blog! I am so excited! Party with me for a moment…

This blog is a little different in that I am introducing something way exciting! Starting next week I will be posting morning devotionals on Instagram. Do you follow me on Instagram? You should… it’s fun!

Sharing God’s Word is one of those things that sets my soul on fire. If you have never sat on my couch (or a Starbucks chair) and just discussed all things Jesus, then let’s make that happen. I love love love to talk about the Word. I love love love to be challenged. I love love love new revelation. I pray that we can have those moments together. I recognize not everyone can join me on my couch or meet at Starbucks, so let’s meet on Instagram.

The format will be easy. Each morning, I will share a scripture passage and quick 60 second video to correspond with the scripture. These will be posted Monday through Friday. Be sure to comment on the post each day and let me know what God is showing you!

See you on Monday, October 29!

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