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38 things…

I recognize that sounds like such a unique title. A title that is likely to deter people from reading because it appears long. On Monday, October 29 (yesterday at publish time) I turned 38. Yes, I just confessed my age on the interweb. I. AM. 38. There, I said it again. In lieu of 38, I decided to blog 38 random things or thoughts.

  1. I love a porch swing.
  2. I love boiled peanuts.
  3. #1 and #2 immediately remind me of my Granddaddy. I loved that man deeply.
  4. Salt Life is the life. Take me to the beach… EVERYDAY!
  5. When I was 16 years old I felt that God was calling me into ministry. That phrase is kind of ridiculous to be honest, but we still keep using it. I knew that I was supposed to preach and disciple people. In that moment I thought that would mean I was employed at a church somewhere. However, God is not limited by silly American ways of thinking. I’m doing exactly what He desired for me to do.
  6. I love to preach.
  7. #6 sets my soul on fire. For real.
  8. I always knew I wanted a big family. I never imagined four boys. Around the third child’s ultrasound it finally sank in… you are meant to raise boys.
  9. I always knew I wanted to homeschool. As a teen I had conversations about wanting to homeschool. I also had conversations about being career oriented. I had no clue how all of that would work out.
  10. I despise American politics. Recently I changed my political party to unaffiliated and I have never felt more liberated in my life. I took an online “test” to determine my political party and I didn’t fit the mold for any of them. In fact, only 6% of Americans think like me. I recognize some of y’all read that and almost passed out. You’ll be okay. I promise. The truth is God’s not republican or democrat. No really… He’s not.
  11. My middle school friend invited me to church when I was 15. At some point in the years following I fell deeper and deeper in love with Christ. I did not have a great altar moment that goes down in history. The more I learned about Jesus, the more I realized I could not live without Him. Eventually He was the reason for everything in my life. My life began to change. My attitude began to change. Pam was different. The bible says, “I am a new creation”. My life isn’t supposed to look normal. In fact, I’ve been called to be set apart.
  12. Because of #11, I have known for a long time that I don’t always think like other people. I am good with that. I pray it continues for life!
  13. Food is love.
  14. My favorite date night is to explore a new restaurant with Gray. We have a rule (that we follow 95% of the time) that we never order the same dish. That way we can both try more than one thing.
  15. I don’t share food. Except with #14. That is the only exception. Sorry kiddos… it ain’t happening.
  16. Christmas is my jam. I love love love it! I watch the movies, play the songs, decorate, and then decorate some more. The reality is, I still get teary eyed every time I hear “The First Noel” and “Silent Night”. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. For me, Christmas is more than the commercialism it attracts. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus resonate deep in my soul. I can’t sing or read about it enough.
  17. I knew I would be a stay-at-home-mom. I just didn’t know how to articulate that as a young adult who thought success meant degrees and business plans. Sometimes those thoughts still creep up. I contemplate my purpose and destiny and think “American” and wonder if others view me as successful? 1. It doesn’t matter what others think. 2. I remember to focus on Kingdom thoughts, not American culture.
  18. I don’t listen to music in the car.
  19. I really don’t listen to music often.
  20. My husband loves music. Poor guy. We don’t share that love together.
  21. I rarely watch TV or movies.
  22. QVC is my main TV programming. No… I am not joking.
  23. Christmas movies… I am down for that!
  24. Mary Poppins is my favorite movie of all times.
  25. However, let’s go back to #21. If there is a major snowstorm or hurricane in NC, I will watch non-stop news coverage. They repeat everything and eventually report silliness and refer to it as news; I still watch it.
  26. I have dreamed of being an author since I was young. There are so many book titles and concepts that run through my head/journal. I currently lack the discipline to sit and write.
  27. I have a passion for discipleship. I believe in relationships and journing through The Word together. I believe in teaching each other and calling each other out on our junk. How else are we supposed to grow?
  28. I don’t do orzo pasta. It reminds me of maggots.
  29. I have some of the greatest friends in the world. They are all different. They all challenge me.
  30. I decided to stop telling people I would pray for them unless I was going to do it right then and there. I can’t count the number of times I said I would pray or agree to pray and forgot.
  31. I have always been plagued with foot-in-mouth disease. It’s terrible. Sometimes it haunts me. The older I get, the more I try to embody the “slow to speak” commandment in James 1:19.
  32. My passionate side can often become real intense. That’s why they call it passion.IMG_1073-Edit-2
  33. If I could bottle up my marriage and give it away, I would. I can’t even imagine doing life with someone that I didn’t like, enjoy, or be attracted to. It is impossible to be me without him. It is impossible to be me in Christ without him. He is without a doubt the greatest gift God has given me.
  34. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Nice…yes. Friends…no.
  35. Being still is great. We don’t do that enough.
  36. I pray my life reflects Christ.
  37. I pray my boys have a deep intimate relationship with Christ.
  38. I pray my boys don’t think like those around them, recognize they too are set apart and make some huge impacts in the Kingdom.

Thanks for making it this far. Perhaps you learned something new about me, or maybe you realized I am not all that spectacular. HA! Either way… thanks for being a reader of this blog. I made it to year 38 and I have a lot of living left to do. Watch out!

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