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A Husbands Viewpoint of Date Night

img_8826-1A few weeks ago the husband and I had a spontaneous date night. Spontaneous is defined as recruiting a babysitter (grandparent) around lunch time so that we could enjoy dinner around 6 pm. Within a few hours notice, we were well on our way to a delicious meal sans kids. WOO HOO!

Maybe this doesn’t sound magical to you, but we have four children under nine. Eating dinner slowly without being interrupted every 90 seconds is AMAZING! Sometimes I eat my food so fast I can’t remember eating it? A moment to look lovingly into each other’s eyes and enjoy the deliciousness of great food is a dream! I decided to dedicate this blog to date night. I interviewed my smokin’ hot baby daddy about date night. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Do you remember our first date ?

A: I remember the night I asked you to be my girl, I don’t remember our first date. 

Q: What is your favorite date night?

A: I just enjoy being able to go out, uninterrupted, and spend time together. I also enjoy good food and good conversation. 

Q: How often do you think married couples should go on a date?

A: I think it varies. Some seasons you may need it [date night] a little more, some a little less. After a new baby, you can’t go as much.

Q: Why is it important for married couples to date?

A: I think it is important to maintain the connection and not get so caught up in individual lives (aka: you do your thing, I do my thing). It is also easy to get caught up in kid activities. So it’s important to have a healthy balance of everything and to remember that you and your spouse are in this life together as a team. 

Q: What challenges do you find in date night?

A: Finding a babysitter can be tough. Coordinating dinner plans for the kids and ourselves. Then there are time constraints. 

Q: What should date night look like?

A: Date night can be anything from Target and Chick-Fil-A to a 3-Star-Michelin Restaurant. My point is, just spend time together. 

Q:Any other date night things you would like to add?

A: Sometimes making date night happen is difficult. Don’t save talking or connecting to only those moments. Make sure you are communicating constantly. Find time to talk and share with each other all the time.

I always want you to feel special in the moment. I am constantly evaluating if I did that? 



We definitely aren’t perfect. Life is full of surprises and trials. Spending time together is definitely a huge component in a healthy marriage. So go ahead… call the babysitter…

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