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This Christmas I am not overachieving

Hi Friends. I am Pam. Born October 29, 1980 as Pamela Dawn. I am an overachiever. It has plagued me for a great deal of my life. I can also be lazy. So don’t worry, I eventually balance myself out.

This Christmas I am not overachieving. It’s just not happening. Before I proceed with a long diatribe, let me speak to you Momma. We are all created differently. Some have the ability to accomplish more than us normal folks. Some can run off four hours of sleep. Some can run marathons. Some make Martha Stewart look sad. Some make really pretty Christmas bows. Some make awesome sausage balls. The point is ALL of us aren’t ALL of those things ALL of the time. Honestly, the world would be kinda boring if we were.

When Pinterest entered our lives in January 2010, we stopped trying to keep with the Joneses and tried to keep up with EVERYONE. It’s so ridiculous. (Please note, I will continue to peruse Pinterest because I find it insanely fascinating). However, let’s stop the madness. PLEASE! If you are going to bed run down and ragged every night and can’t sleep because of the non-stop to do list that is circulating at 3 am… PLEASE STOP!

Stop being everything to everyone else. Stop agreeing to serve in every committee. Stop listening to people’s dilemmas and saying “I can help you”. Stop adding more extracurricular activities. Stop decorating. Stop answering the phone. Stop reading emails. Stop looking at social media. Stop all of these or two. Just stop making life stressful.

This Christmas I am not overachieving. It’s just not happening. I called my good friend and fellow photographer, Ashley Sisk, a month or so ago and said something to the extent of “crap. I forgot to schedule my family photo session. Don’t hate me… can you squeeze me in?” She did. Because she’s awesome and loves me and has documented my family for years. The pictures are amazing. Just like every family session we have had. Beautiful! And she captured my boys personalities so well.

It is time for me to make a Christmas card. I am not. I can’t. I have reached my limit for this season. I know it seems like just a simple card that you put into a template online, but I can’t. I literally can’t do anything else. I know when I have reached my limit, and I am there. I’ll be saying “no” to anything new for the next two weeks. I just want to soak in the goodness of Christ and enjoy my family and friends. Here’s to less stress…

View More: am plastering this amazing picture by Ashley Sisk all over social media. Merry Christmas Friends and Family! The Baileys love you all!

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