There are so many hats that we wear as women. Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Counselor. Coach. Chef. Travel Consultant. Maybe some of those describe you? Despite the fast paced world with many demands, there is purpose and joy to be found in living a Christ-centered life. 

No matter what life looks like for you, your story matters to Christ. Through His word, hope can be found, purpose can be discovered, joy can be embraced. Grab a seat sweet friend! Let's do life together! 

I'm here to journey with you in living a life that is Christ-centered with purpose and joy!

purpose and joy

I'm Pam! Speaker + Mentor + Friend

hey, friend!

Somewhere in my 16th year of life, I knew that God was stirring my heart for ministry. As a young female, I embarked on a journey of celebration and opposition as I joyfully told those around me I wanted to preach. It's been a long journey, but I wouldn't change it for anything! 

Throughout the years I have served in various church staff positions from kids to youth ministry, received my ordination, and earned a Master of Arts in Counseling. I have sat with countless young people, married couples, families, and ministers. There have been stories of heartache, despair, trauma, hurt, strife; yet in the midst of all those stories God offers hope. I have seen the hope of Christ turn the hardest stories into life and joy. His resurrection power still exist today! There is rest for the weary and hope for the brokenhearted. 

Preaching sets my soul on fire. It is my passion and joy. I'm excited to do life with you and joyfully share my purpose!