Who Is Pam?

I’m a wife, daughter, sister, mother of four boys plus a cat and a dog. I’m a photographer, a stay-at-home-mom, co-directing a non-profit, and a small business owner. I love the beach! I enjoy family time, lunch dates with my besties, chatting about The Church, time with Jesus, traveling, and my porch swing.

My educational journey led me down the path of Counseling. I love listening to people, walking with people, and experiencing all the joys and sorrows that life presents. Life is tough. I find that it is more joy-filled when we have those who love us holding our hands during the ups and downs.

What is Pamela C Bailey all about?

The role of counselor and pastor has forever forged a deep passion within me. I love doing life with people. I can’t express that enough. I am in the trenches of raising young men right now, but I still yearn to mentor and coach. I love helping woman discover and grow in their Christ-centered purpose and experience joy-filled lives. I find those two goals go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s a small bible study, weekend retreat, mentoring phone call, or coffee shop chat my focus is for women to discover and grow in Christ.

What sets your soul on fire?

Preaching. I can’t even explain it. I love to preach God’s word. I love to share the truths that He has shown me. I love to be challenged by His Word and challenge others.

Marriage. I married my best friend. I married my soul mate. I married my help-mate. I find that so many married couples can’t say all of those things regarding their spouse. I have a huge burden for sharing God’s word about marriage and encouraging those around me to be the spouse that God desires for them to be. There is power in a strong marriage. A three-corded strand is not easily broken.

Racial Reconciliation Within The Church. I almost can’t speak or write about this one without tears. I was honored to serve as a Youth Pastor to a ministry with a great majority of young black men. Things in America are still not equal. You might disagree. However, I know from first hand experience that my incredible young black men and women were not always treated with the same respect and dignity as others. I was privileged to share in their stories. Stories of discrimination and prejudice. I strongly believe it is imperative that The Church serve as a voice against social injustice from a biblical standard. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently stated, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” I will forever stand by that mantra and be a voice.

What do you do in your free time?

Free time? That sounds lovely! A house with four young boys is busy! I truly enjoy sitting on my porch swing. I could sit there for hours in the cool fall or warm spring air. I might pray, read the Word, or just nap. It becomes a moment of solitude. It also reminds me that life is short and I need to slow down and be still.

How can we connect with you more? 

Social Media! At the sidebar of the page are links to Instagram and Facebook. You are also welcome to send a message on the Contact Page. Be sure to check out my photography and non-profit website as well: