Financial Freedom Part III

Hi friends! Here we are talking money again! So far this month we have discussed some small steps in taking control over your finances. Be sure to go back and re-read those posts as often as possible. After you have completed the tasks of budgeting, it is time to setup a system and stick with… Continue reading Financial Freedom Part III

Christmas, family

This Christmas I am not overachieving

Hi Friends. I am Pam. Born October 29, 1980 as Pamela Dawn. I am an overachiever. It has plagued me for a great deal of my life. I can also be lazy. So don't worry, I eventually balance myself out. This Christmas I am not overachieving. It's just not happening. Before I proceed with a… Continue reading This Christmas I am not overachieving


Look at me, Dad!

Recently my nine-year-old says to my husband, "Dad, all the Christmas movies we watch have dads that don't pay attention to the kids. At the end they realize they need to spend more time with them." My husband laughed and said "you are right buddy. Isn't that odd". He wasn't laughing at how funny that… Continue reading Look at me, Dad!