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A Husbands Viewpoint of Date Night

A few weeks ago the husband and I had a spontaneous date night. Spontaneous is defined as recruiting a babysitter (grandparent) around lunch time so that we could enjoy dinner around 6 pm. Within a few hours notice, we were well on our way to a delicious meal sans kids. WOO HOO! Maybe this doesn't… Continue reading A Husbands Viewpoint of Date Night

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Last week I ended my affair

Three days after I made this vow to myself, my oldest randomly says to me, "Mom, you talk on your phone a lot." I asked "what do you mean?" (I don't prefer to talk at all). He explained that I am always talking or texting with other people and he just wants me to play. ARROW IN THE HEART! I said, "I know buddy and Mommy is sorry and is going to change that".